måndag 26 mars 2012


Wither, decompose, spoil, disintegrate, blight, putrefy, moulder, rot, decay, relapse, scent, simper, pose, rip-off, include, crowd, bury, anchor, eliminate, abandon, petition, bang, skeleton, dupe, sanitize, deal with, type, plague, sell, mother, determine, riddle, damp, incite, bow, befit, roll, milk, chew, fetch, appear, fashion, shake, assuage, stampede, corn, come near, happen, maintain, transform, crush, ransom, don, expend, saunter, promotion, elect, surge, intercept, discriminate, wend, oblige, amass, pave, lengthen, lash, comb, bring about, shut off, uphold, dial, disarrange, distribute, precede, bulwark, bake, hypothesize, demolish, personate, reiterate, demonstrate, utilise, animate, break, stake, recite, sample, evacuate, inspire, subjugate, trifle, nose, vaporize, enter upon, contribute, proportion, view, throng, re-establish, force, right, run away, sharpen, confer, drama, joke, erase, hang , mediate, spin, promote, dive, decorate a cake, castigate, suffocate, overtax, camp, glance, balance, saturate, munch, finger, doctor, arouse, tremble, apportion, flash, trick, separate, father, pursue, invert, bear, visit, poison, appraise, print, propagate, prefer, flap, smuggle, sup, contemplation, exact, chop, application, fantasise flash, dab, court, drill, drudge, stabilize, call up, delight in, flow, soothe, characterise, bisect, calculate, hoist, know, arrest, trim, shift, hold up, frisk, parch, involve, nerve, inflame, tape, spray, poke, mollify, hire, summon, afford, absorb, cramp, encrust, violate, bomb, intend, supply, smash, emotion, foam, vacate, drape, redo, drool, boost, consecrate, receive guests, penalize, step, constrain, keep on, bind, heat up, cut down, adumbrate, trip, fill in for, rouse, jolt, detach, take place, match, tail, feed, grasp, alternate, manufacture, tarry, contaminate, mature, tag, suckle, pant, sweep, gladden, shove, consideration, clothe, enshroud, diligence, visualize, hesitate, blanket, dig, care, blaze, cash in, loll, win, paper, teach, harass, disengage, recede, investigation, obtain, pen, perish, lop off, stir, disembark, disquiet, lessen, presuppose, use, angle, return, banter, enter, aggravate, grow, usher in, communicate, size, tears, find, bottle, spare, itemize, replenish, disfigure, hale, hound, overcast, rely, digress, discover, loop, solemnize, image, justify, endanger, fall, pine, found, gape, ablution, flay, frolic, query, ring, bombard, portion, shed, escort, disgrace, please, embrace, responsibility, organize, harm, civilise, expand, challenge, compress, fable, becloud, cut off, impel, sweat, array, mind, invade, pilot, persuade, install, time, molest, obey, take over, navigate, wrench, shower, swallow, sew, solidify, wane, slacken, secure, stock, exhume, clip, clean, illume, pale, imitate, seduce, equal, pin, modification, facilitate, capture, spur, experience, rollick, cede, slumber, weep, still, alphabetize, awaken, enumerate, film, rob, lead, search for, thump, poise, behold, hit upon, overlay, line, oppose, sully, adulterate, flood, vomit, cluster, applaud, lay waste, plump, career, deject, crate, hasten, monopolize, creep, sow, expose, combine, type in, top, react, degrade, question, aggrandize, conflict, true, down, befuddle, scrub, distend, put on file, bank, subdue, track, censor, ply, plait, satisfy, pan, bray, regulate, rend, craze, suck, pantomime, engage, number, criticise, twine, smack, grub, excise, send, depress, scope, manifold, reserve, escape, mend, mutation, shroud, kill, wont, cement, climb, scream, nod, bewail, remove, tell, bankrupt, gaze, percolate, atomise, steal, expedite, surface, violently, motivate, suspend, overdo, quilt, iron, assert, argue, submerge, sicken, be careful, rent, amount to, enclose, intensity, dust, stain, accept, falter, coast, restore, exhibit, screw, put in, baffle, oxidize, taint, regenerate, proffer, victimise, interpolate, crossbreed, round, ravage, reject, devise, apply, deck out, blueprint, deceive, bowdlerize, feel, bend, needle, patronise, total, judge, perforate, pileup, toast, throw down, hit, tally, fornicate, soar, overload, behave, form, freight, couch, terrorize, typify, near, refinish, persist, convert, crash, deliver, wear, use up, stride, heave, ram, whirl, spread, differentiate, denude, lust, sieve, disseminate, attenuate, smite, mint, produce, trek, brace, disentangle, derange, publish, oversee, protect, swab, theorize, initial, enact, repeat, corroborate, beam, perform, domesticate, displease, smell, smirk, dump, enliven, soften, monkey, wake up, smoke, undertake, immolate, accustom, scrutinise, herd, massage, tie up, redress, forsake, rasp, dike, formulate, idle, break up, supervise, standardize, bedevil, collude, sound, confirm, torture, stifle, punch, bath, concoct, equalise, wet, nip, bring, defraud, plan, quiver, parcel, flaunt, corner, converge, farm, last, substitute, gentle, redeem, indulge, conclude, strut, cultivate, name, pour, crib, eat, rove, call for, saw, thrive, dream, caress, commit, effect, exertion, bolster, gyrate, live, spring, harmonise, define, haggle, solve, lay off, contend with, recapitulate, tingle, rive, grade, rear, caper, mull, plot, wind up, ignite, empty, interfere, inspect, tranquillise, corrupt, rim, bask, partake, cram, cake, rape, decorticate, project, smooth, singe, showmanship, spume, disencumber, decorate, negotiate, spew, advertise, instigate, mist, trounce, hoof, compel, join, chain, blend, hose, chart, point out, nurse, disturb, startle, mete out, occur, gear, pluck, procreate, celebrate, swap, gross, see, fester, value, label, allocate, puff, sail, impede, take a break, rumination, wring, enfold, zeal, conjure up, pat on the back, attract, sink, fret, stiffen, expire, be unoccupied, proceed, purge, entitle, relieve, cease, amble, prevail, familiarise, incommode, truncate, budge, come down, annoy, chill, denote, hardihood, fish, hand, josh, jot down, gloss over, crystallise, announce, utter, convene, lamentation, telephone, put up, shut, detail, inflate, aggrieve, draw, hunt, go up, adhere, modernize, splutter, wind around, commemorate, treat, extenuate, sway, trickle, grease, imprison, admire, bathing, skin, jump, stagger, encircle, shoot, dissociate, use a razor, ready, shame, purvey, clench, part, institute, lacerate, perfect, evolve, battle, rationalise, whisper, fog, refresh, bulldoze, read, apparel, level, sting, piece, get ready, overspread, rehearse, fidget, attend to, infringe on, fly, tug, journey over, indoctrinate, adore, become solid, dissolve, relax, gain, people, dig out, reap, shine, brighten, daub, refrigerate, entice, perform data entry, fasten, assign, foster, register, perturb, share, fight, draw back, glue, bawl, console, tabulate, lay away, particularize, permeate, despoil, haul, seek, bludgeon, float, contrast, glimpse, veneer, set down, render, soil, splash, ooze, brood, collect, commend, dissipate, shuck, stamp, dip, pack, rake, busy, decree, deliberate, bleed, explore, add, trust, officiate, ruin, canvas, open, resist, lade, fib, darken, hew, shoulder, tidy up, fit, stockpile, defeat, follow, process, fix, braid, spoil, mine, pulverize, enroll, tear, splinter, gulp, exaggerate, exercise, fade, lax, curl, enjoy, delve, shear, scour, humble, etiolate, mimic, learn, co-ordinate, correct, movement, disguise, nab, behave toward, affix, rise, rant, drowse, bemoan, superimpose, rearrange, unclothe, place, seep, blot, prepare, quicken, referee, vigourously, regard, delay, belabour, range, secede, smear, debate, engulf, be nauseated, guard, cheer, irrigate, conceal, stress, dispirit, wax, dart, flounder, sack, broadcast, show, toy, introduce, browse, scorch, vitiate, revise, bloat, reason, inject, frustrate, burst, kick, repine, contrive, categorise, habit, draft, con, edit, wield, writhe, answer, barter, squash, order, disjoint, impact, tipple, slough, lease, sum, cuddle, wing, burden, practice, eviscerate, route, let down, frighten, epitomise, marshal, decamp, carry on, alter, leaf through, rescue, shore, go, lift, yell, slide, immerse, spew forth, discern, divest, demand, filtrate, enlarge, understand, mar, enamel, maltreat, tread, restrain, lay bare, edge, steam, testify, discuss, evaporate, page through, surmise, let, strive, remodel, assay, mop, complete, occupy, misfire, tie, smile, offer, scroll, calm, ebb, sniff, direct, tender, rummage, instil, troop, embed, secure with an anchor, jettison, fail, deposit, heap, draw up, dawdle, flush, operate, class, tease, brew, cradle, prove, punish, slow, goad, swim, suit, plane, fleece, gnaw, go after, decipher, mould, quake, lull, hang wallpaper, pickle, draw near, prosper, support, vacillate, fracture, release, get into, run through, promenade, hike, choose, spout, reach, reckon, wander, postulate, hoard, bound, pull out, distress, ransack, make, immure, prop, rotate, disorder, dispatch, heal, garrison, cut, suppose, destroy, emulate, echo, affirm, utilize, inspirit, raise, wager, cook, experiment, spill, burn, enslave, tamper, pry, smoulder, buy, sacrifice, conform, watch, squeeze, requite, overcome, bowl, leave, abrade, heat, acting, play, blank out, execute, arbitrate, weave, publicise, foment, frost, chasten, prance, overwork, connect, reflect, whip, bathe, taste, toy with, administer, agitate, shock, deal out, sport, tree, cull, beget, engage in, replace, convoy, attend, envenom, assess, inscribe, give rise to, select, fleet, bridle, ingest, reflection, extort, progress, enterprise, fancy, stroke, woo, bore, slave, stabilise, ring up, love, come, disinfect, characterize, dissect, evaluate, bum, succeed, befriend, hamper, shave, fare, descend, gambol, parboil, entail, verve, enkindle, wrap, squirt, note, better, become, call, pronounce, sit, cry, harden, can, strafe, propose, make full, wrong, tension, lather, cut away, furnish, recreate, drivel, build up, sanctify, entertain, reprove, bob, urge, oil, fetter, wonder, refer, picture, skip, doubt, orbit, start, disconnect, suffer, harness, dog, nourish, grip, charge, set up, damage, police, age, chronicle, contemplate, breathe, take off, hearten, drive, attention, accoutre, infuse, assiduity, daydream, interrupt, overwhelm, puncture, be vexed, flare up, depart, tow, travel, train, hymn, rid, end, examination, acquire, scribble, pass away, harvest, change, alight, grieve, freeze, usher, benefit, attach, transfer, help, mark down, unnerve, streamline, riot, impart, coat, howl, ordain, index, set aside, make clear, stand in, plunder, drag, poach, overshadow, rest, differ, detect, stray, drop anchor, depict, palliate, make bold, dribble, eat one's heart out, base, superintend, squander, husk, forge, duck, revolve, torpedo, dominate, vandalise, consider, scandalise, gorge, press, office, constitute, wreck, civilize, unfold, scramble, condense, lie, befog, fell, prod, toil, attire, heed, intrude, steer, launder, establish, tune, assault, tend, wedge, serve, grab, drench, consume, vet, consume food, decline, loosen, wind, savour, shovel, pare, burnish, lower, whiten, engross, allure, equate, plant, alteration, cloak, catch, activate, cooperate, skylark, give over, doze, whine, carpet, catalogue, undress, make fast, make a motion picture, spot, compose, inquire, instruct, loiter, look at, stay, cover, align, revolt, foul, deteriorate, inundate, retch, improve, compliment, desolate, fatten, stream, discourage, confine, hurry, flunk, persevere, strew, bare, systematise, scan, cut short, blister, pervert, reform, augment, figure, pitch, overthrow, bewilder, injure, regret, put together, classify, attack, upset, cheat, expurgate, manipulate, wriggle, gratify, burrow, triturate, calibrate, sprain, figure out, toss, cast off, empower, add up, criticize, entwine, tang, articulate, disembowel, transport, droop, purview, illustrate, request, flee, hold, modify, veil, net, look for, stick on, aspire, storm, turn in, blubber, eject, deduce, dispossess, gawk, distil, atomize, derive, accelerate, whitewash, abuse, pace, quell, disclose, embroider, smooth clothing, asseverate, ponder, dry, labor, guess, contract, attempt, amend, traction, sprinkle, accomplish, adopt, flop, drift, reconstruct, uncover, spiral, tuck in, contradict, burn up, sneer, submit, victimize, break in, mix, salvo, bruise, discard, desert, submit an application, rig, plans, delude, sanitise, control, curve, pester, shop, consist of, verify, hole, roar, guzzle, cause to fall, affect, even, gauge, bite, tire, seem, design, shiver, quiet, alarm, personify, approach, plaster, remain, fluctuate, batter, liberate, put on, exhaust, flounce, loft, launch, jet, overtake, compute, ramble, ask for, store, gild, draw out, lambaste, counterfeit, induce, wall, strengthen, spread out, clutter, circulate, govern, fortify, drain, hypothesise, raze, impersonate, restate, certify, give off, fire, master, regress, detect by nose, glow, void, inform, tone down, fool around, get up, vaporise, take on, donate, habituate, scrutinize, swarm, reinstate, berth, counteract, give up, scrape, bestow, delineate, jest, wipe clean, advise, umpire, nag, plug, fathom, ice, berate, extinguish, overburden, encampment, create, equilibrate, soak, chomp, go for, swindle, shape, shudder, allot, show off, collar, approximate, run a farm, stick, commute, make obedient, set free, plate, price, imprint, engender, pick out, teem, play false, dine, meditation, command, sever, industry, fantasize, pet, perpetrate, occasion, moil, steady, phone, enjoy life, spurt, harmonize, render precisely, chisel, estimate, elevate, bet, reproduce, interpret, carve, measure, pick up, disport, coddle, imply, energy, light, pour out, ape, search, tranquillize, pay off, girdle, give, extract, stuff, crust, ravish, exfoliate, mean, fill, devastate, climax, froth, remove obstructions, adorn, update, salivate, mention, respect, host, penalise, jig, turn, abide, shackle, warm, matriculate, chalk, designate, double, excite, stun, cleave, go on, adapt, shadow, sire, clutch, switch, increase, call on, canker, mark, score, appropriate, gasp, flutter, inhibit, push, thought, dress, envelop, hard work, visualise, pause, face, penetrate, be troubled, flame, decease, lounge, originate, purify, discipline, irritate, clear, stop, perusal, advance, familiarize, clog, lop, displace, get down, discommode, moderate, import, dynamism, catch fish, bequeath, chaff, write down, bother, crystallize, proclaim, give out, assemble, weeping, make a call, keep, jail, itemise, pump up, persecute, pull, stalk, cloud, depend, deviate, spy, meander, solemnise, welcome, mitigate, dare, drip, anoint, ground, be astonished, cleansing, peel, dance, waver, encompass, blast, parcel out, barber, accompany, dishonour, provide, clinch, commission, organise, sabotage, sleek, mellow, clash, rationalize, wheeze, dim, hack, move, compare, outfit, speed, pique, patch, influence, case, make ready, notice, transgress, guide, yank, rain, drink, bless, congeal, decay, slack, earn, populate, scoop, snip, buff, lighten, lacquer, copy, lure, log, implant, transmit, further, bag, disconcert, participate, carouse, retire, sleep, sob, appease, alphabetise, set apart, reveal, take up, waste, trail, investigate, pommel, linger, variegate, find out, border, sublet, describe, pollute, splatter, drown, inhale, gather, cite, misspend, strip, pound, dull, package, rush, monopolise, leak, seed, get rid of, grope, feed in, shorten, transact, hurt, interview, aggrandise, buffet, mill, invent, obfuscate, wash, put, do housework, opine, cache, put down, chase, clean up, handle, intertwine, fulfil, quarry, pulverise, set, strain, crackle, quaff, mime, employ, count, review, twist, sense, channel, hollow out, ship, abase, bleach, trace, unearth, equipoise, emend, transformation, mask, get, inure, stick together, ascend, fume, nap, moan, cart, file, deprive, stare, infiltrate, disperse, write, hustle, paint, energetically, wake, hinder, elaborate, pad, mutiny, have, moot, overflow, gag, check, flatter, profit, hide, pressure, sadden, polish, clasp, blunder, loot, darn, display, dabble, insert, cross, oxidise, cheapen, remedy, dilate, mistreat, speak up, thwart, volley, flog, rue, erect, categorize, garb, sketch, cozen, bowdlerise, adjust, contort, discharge, patronize, account, settle, pump, clatter, booze, cast down, reward, tale, kiss, glide, encumber, carry out, model, consign, take down, terrorise, epitomize, space, encounter, endure, vary, skim, save, temper, spend, march, explode, thrust, gush, radiate, distinguish, dismantle, require, refine, stretch out, extend, torment, coin, cause, trudge, curb, unroll, litter, issue, head, defend, soak up, theorise, letter, essay, renew, try, give forth, do, tame, disappoint, knot, leer, present, exalt, repress, subside, arise, breathe in, assume, volunteer, season, survey, flock together, chafe, moor, exclude, defect, grind, stack, outline, dally, clarify, work, standardise, provoke, cogitate, assort, decide, chastise, abate, strike, plunge, touch, equalize, exploit, nibble, retrieve, work out, pattern, vibrate, pacify, parade, salt, close in upon, turn out, sustain, resolve, shatter, recover, baby, terminate, stroll, jack, take, abound, sneak around, lunch, roam, rule, stow, vault, stretch, pat, go over, procure, drudgery, buttress, wheel, mess up, put out, salve, avert, slice, predicate, recline, compete, relate, thrill, make use of, rank, uplift, romp, boil, map, close, kindle, tap, meddle, examine, gloss, bribe, surround, sun, sip, jam, take back, overpower, shell, hatch, level off, stimulate, farce, cream, extricate, lynch, adjudicate, spit, publicize, stir up, embellish, fine, foot, run, hitch, cast, whisk, douse, snap, palpate, minister to, dislocate, scare, divide, air, fool, accumulate, breed, observe, exchange, yield, stop by, infect, rate, sign, bring together, blow, flit, curtail, feast, cogitation, wrest, invest, perseverance, conceive, rub, bid, pierce, worry, firm, die, loaf, emanate, cleanse, elucidate, mangle, disappear, walk, triumph, acquaint, bog, crop, slip, land, pain, cool, signify, animation, kiln, seal, kid, record, decrease, develop, signal, put forth, meet, lament, thicken, preserve, blitz, purpose, fill up, oppress, tragedy, churn, clamber, cling, modernise, slobber, thread, honour, accommodate, excuse, cavort, drop, lubricate, handcuff, marvel, washing, block, hop, scruple, circle, daze, disjoin, make amends, equip, palpitate, nurture, carry, duty, construct, impair, patrol, ripen, list, analyse, exhale, manoeuvre, encourage, propel, peruse, costume, imbue, afflict, imagine, wait, cap, practise, fuss, free, obtrude, conduct, lug, traverse, coach, glorify, benumb, vanish, loose, attain, indict, pass on, mow, fault, illuminate, tint, reduce, convey, go into, fast, pass, ease, transcribe, fluster, sculpt, brawl, retreat, glaze, yowl, allay, sort, lay aside, particularise, pervade, pillage, purchase, course, club, hover, diverge, descry, front, dock, portray, dirty, venture, leap, be distressed, group, praise, throw away, scale, hammer, plunge into water, box, barrage, study, vandalize, think, scandalize, perceive, input, employment, act, mutilate, poll, unravel, combat, load, fabricate, blur, whack, elbow, travail, ornament, listen, muddle, decontaminate, quarter, attune, defile, take care of, mob, enlist, jerk, crack, imbibe, parody, devour, lapse, ease off, coil, relish, spade, prune, brush, humiliate, blanch, duplicate, convince, measure up, repair, variation, obscure, seize, act toward, receive, revel, rage, snooze, snivel, cover with carpet, arrange, disrobe, stand, filter, blemish, frame, probe, prompt, hard, witness, detain, labour, line up, rebel, tarnish, mingle, swamp, choke, swell, approve, water, pocket, emit, dishearten, finish, dash, fall short, bolt, scatter, report, systematize, indicate, graze, wound, debase, ameliorate, amplify, comprehend, stash, vanquish, incinerate, beat, mourn, build, pigeonhole, besiege, overturn, mislead, expunge, manage, squirm, comply with, trade, mash, mount, rip, decode, swill, throw off, charter, numerate, fondle, corkscrew, tax, partition, excavate, remit, demit, panic, embody, dispose, abscond, continue, modulate, thumb, trap, look around, paste, surmount, seethe, shut-eye, deluge, spatter, ascertain, withhold, look, sift, widen, infer, race, varnish, cripple, tramp, suppress, divulge, inventory, flatten, aver, weigh, wipe, belabor, conjecture, pay, endeavour, rectify, test, powder, achieve, pick, founder, copulate, grin, uncloak, tighten, interject, foil ...


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